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Qimera Strap

A quick connecting camera strap solution. 

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Quick connecting

 Easy to connect and release. Secure for peace of mind. Qimera only comes off when you want it to.

Compatible with most camera bodies

 Mirrorless, DSLR and even most compacts, Qimera straps love every-body.

No anchors

 No more anchors! 
Without dangly anchors, once released your camera body will remain, naked like the "maker" intended.

Sleek minimalistic design

 No clutter, no blah blah. Qimera is clean, simple and low profile.


It's all about the Qimera clasp

 The patent pending modular clasp design is what sets the Qimera Strap apart.

Engineered to be simple and versatile, we are confident you'll love how easy it is to use, regardless of your setup.


So simple, yet so many features

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Dyneema pigtails
low profile and stronger than steel

Highly compatible, 
from DSLRs, mirrorless, twin lens, compact.

No anchors,
 to get in the way or flap around!

Dynamic climbing rope

Silky nylon webbing

Silky nylon webbing

Patent pending clasp
quick, easy and tough.

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