Qimera Strap

Quick connect camera straps.No anchors.Shoot better, whatever your setup.

Compatible with split ring and bar attachment points as standard.

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Quick connecting

Easy to connect and release. Secure for peace of mind. Qimera only comes off when you want it to.

Compatible with most camera bodies

Mirrorless, DSLR, most compacts, Qimera is designed to work with both split ring and bar attachment points as standard.

No anchors

Most quick connect camera straps require anchors to be permanently attached to the camera body. Qimera is different! No more anchors getting in the way or making noise when taking video.

Minimalistic Japanese design

No clutter, no blah blah. Qimera is clean, simple and low profile. Patent pending.

Super strong

Using reinforced nylon hardware, silky webbing / genuine climbing rope. More than strong enough for all camera set ups.

Kind to your body

No metal clips that can scratch the camera body or crack the LCD screen.


Parts can be replaced, upgraded and customised making it gentler on the environment and your wallet. Pigtails can be easily modified.


Can be used on nearly any attachment point with a closed loop. Including binoculars, Go-pros, waterproof housings, tripods.

1% for the Planet

Doing our little bit for environmental causes around the world.

It's all about the Qimera clasp

The patent pending modular clasp design is what sets the Qimera Strap apart.
Engineered to be simple and versatile, we are confident you'll love how easy it is to use, regardless of your setup.

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So simple yet so many features

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Silky nylon webbing

Dynamic climbing rope

Patent pending clasp

Dyneema pigtail

No anchors

Highly Compatible

So simple yet so many features

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Qimera Quick Release Camera Strap

No anchors,

to get in the way or flap around!

Highly compatible,

from DSLRs, mirrorless, twin lens, compact.

Dyneema pigtails

low profile and stronger than steel

Patent pending clasp

quick, easy and tough.

Dynamic climbing rope

Silky nylon webbing

A word from our Customers

  • 30 day risk free returns

    Not sure about trying a Qimera Strap? We offer a 30 day returns policy on all our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it for a full refund. Simple. Reach out or refer to our returns page for details.

  • 1 year warranty

    Buy with confidence that your Qimera Strap will last. We offer a 1 year warranty on all products, should your Qimera Strap have any manufacturing issues or break due to no fault of your own, we will replace your item free of charge. 

  • World wide delivery

    With various delivery options you will be able to experience the convenience of Qimera Strap quickly and smoothly regardless of where you are in the world. All products will be sent from the UK. Free UK delivery as standard.

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