About Us

Qimera Strap was born out of frustration,
(and obsession…)

Modern day cameras are truly incredible machines. Amazing resolution, lightning fast autofocus, fingertip ergonomics and the ability to save thousands of high quality images. Some even throw in features that were unimaginable a generation ago - GPS, face recognition, waterproofing etc.

Why then, was my camera strap the reason to be dissatisfied with my setup and sometimes, the reason to leave my camera at home?

I tried all the types of camera straps I found on the market, but couldn’t find one that met my simple requirements.

Be gone annoying straps...

The Problems

All the straps currently on the market were limited by at least one of the following problems:

  • Inconvenient systems for connecting and disconnecting.
  • Buckles that require re-adjusting every time the strap is attached.
  • Permanently mounted anchors that flap around and get in the way.
  • Clips that are incompatible with a wide range of body styles.
  • Bulky components that get caught between the hands and camera body.
  • Insecure quick release clips.
  • Separate pieces that become lost.
  • Attachment systems that can scratch the camera or crack the screen.

Enjoy the disaster montage

So I decided to develop my own.

I looked to action sports for inspiration, where gear is designed to be functional, easy to use and keep you safe.

The inspiration

After many iterations, the breakthrough finally came, when I combined the “DNA” of a rock climbing carabiner, a surf leash and a loop of Dyneema kitesurf line.

Qimera Strap is:

  • Free from anchors. Your camera is naked once the strap is removed.
  • Easy to connect and detach. Giving you the versatility to shoot how you want.
  • Compatible with a wide range of bodies. From DSLR, medium format and mirrorless.
  • Low profile. The tactile control of the camera is the same with or without the strap.
  • Super strong. Over engineered to be more than enough for any setup.
  • Secure. Once locked, Qimera stays locked.
  • Non scratching. To prevent damaging your camera.
  • Sleek and minimalistic. (Sleek is sexy).
  • Modular. For upgrading and customizations - better for wallet and environment.
  • Versatile. Can also be used to carry tripods, waterproof housings, binoculars, bags...

Happy shooting!

Sam and the Qimera Gear Team