Frequently asked questions

Will Qimera Strap work with my camera?

Probably! Qimera Strap works with virtually all mirrorless, DSRL, medium format, twin lens, GoPro and compacts.

It can even be used with binoculars, waterproof housings, bags and tripods.

If you are unsure if your gadget is compatible, please feel free to get in contact with us and we will let you know.

The pigtails are thin, are you sure they are strong enough?

For carrying a camera around - yes!
They are made from UHMWPE (aka Dyneema) and are designed for kitesurfing / paragliding.

How do I put on Qimera Strap?

Take a look here.

How do I care for my Qimera Strap?

Qimera Straps are built tough, but there are few things you can do to prolong its life.

1) Pigtail wear.

Please check the pigtails regularly. Though they are made from stronger than steel UHMWPE (Aka Dyneema), over time they can start to wear. Once the outer coloured sheath has worn through and you can see the white core, we recommend replacing the pigtails immediately as a precaution. Don't panic though, most of the strength is in the UHMWPE core but it will start to wear more quickly once the core has been exposed.

2) Split ring attachment.
For lugged cameras such as Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Leica etc that use a split ring (key ring), please make sure the pigtails are passed through the split ring, and not directly through the lug on the body.

The lugs can have slightly sharp edges that will wear through the pigtails much more quickly than the split ring.

3) Other parts.

If you see any wear on any parts of the Qimera Strap, please contact us, and we will let you know whether the part should be replaced. Don't worry, Qimera is fully modular and so each part can be replaced without having to buy a new one!

Is Qimera tough enough?

Definitely! Using only high quality materials, including glass reinforced Nylon, Dyneema etc, Qimera Strap is more than tough enough for even a heavy camera set up.

The questions is, are you? ;)

How is Qimera Strap different?

1. Quick connection: Qimera's patent pending design allows it to be attached or removed from the camera body in a matter of seconds.
2. No anchors: Qimera does not require anchors to be permanently attached to your camera body. So, Your camera body will remain as sleek as it was designed to be.
3. No clutter: The 1.5mm Dyneema pigtails are thin enough not to change the tactile feel of the camera. Whether you grab the camera with the strap over the hand, or between the hand and camera body Qimera stays out of the way.
4. Highly compatible patent pending design: Qimera fits most camera models, regardless of the brand. DSLR and mirrorless with bar or split ring attachment points work equally great with Qimera. It even works with many compact camera models and twin lens.
5. Super strong: More than strong enough for even the heaviest camera set-up.
6. Gentle on your body: The materials used are selected to be strong - but gentle on your camera body.
7. Minimalistic design: Simple, understated looks compliment your camera setup.
8. Versatile: The design is already proven to work as a strap for carrying tripods, waterproof housing, binoculars and even bags.
9. Modular: Each part of Qimera can be replaced, upgraded and customised as necessary, making it gentler on the environment and your wallet.

What else can Qimera Strap be used for?

Qimera Strap can be used with anything that has a closed hole with minimum diameter of about 5mm.
Waterproof housings, GoPros, binoculars, tripods, bags are some examples.

If you have an application that you would like to use Qimera Straps for, please feel free to reach out.

I have a suggestion for the next generation of Qimera Straps. How can I get in contact?

Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. We’d be very glad to hear your ideas.

But I like colourful straps...

Don't worry, we will be working on this soon. Please tell us what colours would be your preferance would be, and we will try and make it happen!

For now, you have the choice of black or coral pigtails.

Are the parts replaceable?

Yes, parts can be replaced, and even customised to suit your needs. They will be available on the webstore soon.

What does Qimera mean?

Chimera (n.) An organism that contains DNA from two or more different species.

We just played with the spelling.

How do I replace the pigtails?

Coming soon!